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Stage I : Pre Development
Participants Go Through an Assessment to identify the Core Areas of Strengths with respect to 21 Dimensions . To know more on the Assessments and to procure a sample assessment report , feel free to connect with our teams.

Training Thrust Analysis
Our Consultant secure , share and collate a thorough understanding of which are the core areas that the participant needs to focus with respect to development . This meeting is conducted with the Participant , Our Facilitators and the Reporting Authority of the Participant.

Orientation for Participants
The Participants go through an Orientation meeting where they will be introduced to the Development Process , How to maximize their returns from the program and how to percolate the same to their internal team members.

Orientation for the Reporting Authorities
The Reporting Authorities are taken through the synopsis of the Developmental Process , Some Facilatated Excercises to create clarity and a structured plan to help the participant gain maximum from this initiative.
Stage II : Actual Development
50 Plus Hours of Classroom Training
The nominated participants will undergo classroom training designed to create experiential Learning for just one day in a month for six consective months . Additionally the participants attend two days during the tenure of the program. This concept is based on the system of Spaced Learning Approach. Totally the Neu Leader Series covers 16 Modules for 12 Core Competencies

Mid Month Meetings
This meeting is conducted between two classroom sessions to review the Learning Application at the workplace. It also aims at providing coaching and mentoring sessions for the participants.

Measuring Business Impacts
All the participants create documents and work on projects which share the details of how the application of the Learning has taken place. All the implementations are classified in to Direct and Indirect Business Impacts which are being validated by the Management / Reporting Authorities of the participant.

Best Practice Sharing
All the participants are encouraged to share successes and learnings to share as Best Practices or Caution Elements in the Business environments.
Stage III : Post Training
Overall Leadership Development
Participants Learn to apply the concepts Learned during the program as a part of their behaviors which enhances their Leadership Development.

Cognitive Changes
As the Neu Leader Series is designed to create experiential Learning , it aims at creating cognitive changes in the outlook and behaviours.

Better Business Results
Each Module of Neu Leader Series is designed to help participants create better ways of working , managing people and leading to create better business results.

Continous Learning
The Neu Leader Series aims at creating a Learning and sharing culture in the organizaition to see long term and sustained results.