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The Neu Leader Leadership Development Series helps Organization of all sizes create better business results through their people.

This Developmental Initiative is targeted to make your teams Leadership Effective and Leadership Efficient.
The Program covers 12 Competencies:
How the Neu Leader works for you and your Organization:
The Neu Leader Development Series is a 6 month initiative which can be extended to 9 months.
The nominated participants attend 16 modules spread over a period of 6 months. Each Module is based on the Core skills critical for the Leadership Development and is for approximately 2.5 hours.
Every Module is designed in a compact format to create strong Learning experientially and ensuring that the Learning is applied back in the professional and personal space thus creating sustainable impacts on the business results.

The Neu Leader Series attempts to equip the participants to increase their Emotional Quotient Levels to perform better and in sync with the Core Objectives of Business and align them to the people.
Module Pedagogy
Typical Neu Leader Module Approx: 135 minutes