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Module Details
Managing Change Strategically ( + | - )
Competency: Change Management
The Module equips participants to manage the dynamic changes that happen in the business environment whether positive or not so positive. Creating a change environment with teams and helping them imbibe change positively is a huge challenge at all Levels in the Organizations.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Myths Related to Change
Categories of Change
Types of Changes
Steps to Manage Change Strategically

Communicating Effectively ( + | - )
Competency: Communication, Leadership Development
Research has suggested time and again that 70% of Organization problems exist due to challenges in effective communication. This module looks at the pre requisites of creating an effective communication within the Organization using the tools available.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Become Influential in Three Critical Areas of Communication
How to Use Communication Tools Effectively
How to Create Positive Outcomes from your communication
Managing Social Media Effectively

Managing Time Effectively ( + | - )
Competency: Time Management / Planning and Setting Goals
Managing Time of self and Teams is one of the most critical functions of a Leader and directly impacts the productivity of the Organization. Research has proved that the most successful businesses have succeeded because of the company and its people living and knowing the value of time and its relation to money. This module equips the Leaders to help manage their and their team's time better and it's never too late to start doing it…
Identify the Time Gaps and Productivity Bridges
The Time Management Matrix
Concept of Time and Value

Creating Customer Ecstasy ( + | - )
Competency: Customer Service
This module equips the participants to transition from merely looking at customer service as an important skill for servicing existing customers, getting new ones and retaining them to raising the bar from every department to create what is called as "customer ecstasy".
Key Learning and Application Areas
The Price Vs Value Concept
Customer Ecstasy Ladder
Keys to Great Customer Experience

Leadership through Motivation ( + | - )
Competency: Leadership Development / Motivation
This module aims to introspect and look at the aspect of who motivates the motivator. Leaders need to create Motivating Environments for their teams to perform. The module looks at various simple and effective ways to ensure sustained performances.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Ways to Keep the Team Morale High
Leadership Motivation
Understanding the Behavior Chronology

Stress Management ( + | - )
Competency: Stress Management
This module helps participants to look at some practical and innovative ways to manage and control stress. It also helps participants to connect with the importance to teach your teams to manage work life balance.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Creating Work Life Balance
The Intelligence Quotient
Stress Busting Techniques

Leadership Communication ( + | - )
Competency: Leadership Development / Communication
This module helps the Leaders to learn techniques on building rapport and setting the positive tone at workplace. Also covered in this module are perspectives on practicing ethical Leadership.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Setting the positive tone
Ethical Leadership
Rapport Building

Priority Goal Setting ( + | - )
Competency: Goal Setting / Planning
This module simplifies the process of setting goals in a step wise process. It also aligns to set goals in the SMART format helping the Leaders to set the priorities for their businesses.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Seven Step Process to Align Goals and Business Priorities
Making SMART Goals
Balance of Life Concept
Building Performance Oriented Teams ( + | - )
Competency: Team Building, Performance Management
Helping Leaders' create Teams which nurture the culture of driving performances is the key objective of this module. The module equips leaders with effective on boarding; creating sustained performances and helping teams operate at a purpose level than a task level.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Impactful Hiring
Optimizing Team Productivity
Driving the Organizational Purpose

Negotiating Skills ( + | - )
Competency: Negotiation, Planning
Negotiating is one skill set which all the professionals need to use whether on the personal or professional front. This module on Negotiation helps the participants to introspect on simple negotiation practices that can help them derive a win win outcome.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Negotiating Ideas
How to create win win Negotiations
Learning the Negotiation 'Hooks'

Creativity in Problem Solving ( + | - )
Competency: Problem Solving
Leaders need to do problem solving at every stage and the more complex problems need more creative out look. This module helps the participants to analyze the steps in problem solving in a systematic manner.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Tools to uncover the Problem Sources
Eight Step Problem Solving Process
Value of Collective Idea Generation and Application

Leadership Development ( + | - )
Competency: Leadership
This module will help the participants identify the stages of Leadership connect with them. The session also looks at perspectives to build Leadership Equity.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Seven Key Stages of Leadership
Dynamic Leadership Questions
Building Leadership Equity
Better Decision Making ( + | - )
Competency: Planning, Goal Setting
This module provides the participant with a systematic approach in Decision making process. It also introspects the current process to analyze the gaps.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Introspecting the Current Process
Six Step Systematic Approach
Creating Constructive Decision Making Environments

Managing Conflicts ( + | - )
Competency: Conflict Management
Leaders need to manage and deal with conflicts daily. This module equips the participants to deal with conflicts using techniques.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Key Causes and Styles of Conflicts
Interest Based Relational Approach
Five Step Process for Conflict Resolution

Powerful Delegation ( + | - )
Competency: Delegation, Planning
Leaders need to delegate right for being effective and efficient. This module aims at sharpening the Delegation Skills of participants by focusing on the end result. It looks and aims to make the time and teams more productive.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Sharpen the Delegation Skills
Create the Focus on End Results
Make Time and Team more Productive

Strategic Business Modeling ( + | - )
Competency: Strategic Thinking
This module helps the participants to introspect and align the short term, intermediate and Long term goals with the business vision. It helps them to understand how to derive strategic advantage and what does it really mean.
Key Learning and Application Areas
Identify Key Organizational Poses
Align Critical Success Factors to Business
Concept of Business Visual Modeling